Industrial sacks

Flat or gusseted polyethylene sacks from tubing, monolayer or laminated polyethylene sacks from flat sheet with longitudinal rear sealing. Air removal system with macro, micro and nano perforations. Seal at the bottom. Low-slip embossing or over print varnish.

Valve sacks in polyethylene, from flat sheet with longitudinal rear sealing and pasted bottom. Internal and external heat and ultrasonic sealable valve suitable for automatic filling machines or external valve suitable for semiautomatic and manual systems.

Open mouth sacks in polyethylene with flat sheet with longitudinal rear sealing and pasted bottom.

Printing on the back and front up to 6 colours for sacks made with tubing, printing up to 9 colours for lay-flat with back rear sealing.


Width from 38 to 70 cm
Length up to 100 cm
Gusset width from 8 to 20 cm

Standard polytubing, monolayer or coex "designed to measure" based on customer needs.
Lay-flat monolayer or laminated tubing with rear seal with different types of barrier, LDPE, HDPE coex and aluminium-coated.

Features and Optionals
Films with different types of barrier
With or without gussets
Bottom sealing
Diagonally sealed corners at the bottom
Air removal system by macro or micro perforation
Low-slip embossing or varnish
Bottom special pasting for fine powders
Heat and ultrasonic sealable valve

Raw materials

Raw materials comply with current European regulations for food contact.
LDPE - low density polyethylene LLDPE leaf and tubular
COEX Coextruded special until 5 layers
OPA biaxially oriented polyamide
ALU aluminum