Hi-tech paper sack with aluminium-coated paper for the highest barrier protection and suitable to be filled with your very special products!

7 essential features characterize this sack:

  • Barrier to the light
  • Barrier to the moisture H2O
  • Barrier to the oxygen O2
  • Barrier to the carbon dioxide CO2
  • High strength and sturdiness
  • Excellent heat sealability
  • Hi-tech image

Possible variants:
- Open mouth pasted bottom sacks
- Open mouth pinch bottom sacks

Suitable for special foodstaffs that require high levels of protection such as powdered milk, spices; otherwise this sack can be used for the automotive market plastic compounds.

For further details about technical features and the raw materials used for this sack please see: Open mouth pasted bottom sacks and Open mouth pinch bottom sacks.