PetPack® Single Lip & Top Zip

This packaging offers numerous advantages over standard PetPack®, as the absence of the gusset (interrupted gusset) in the part near the mouth of the sack simplifies closing and sealing and optimises the efficiency of the filling machine.

Optional: Top Zip on the mouth, rounded corners, easy open.

Today, Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a is one of the major producers of this kind of product all over Europe.


  • High quality flexo printing, up to 9 colours on the 5 sides of the sack
  • Empty flat area near the mouth of the sack that allows good marketing presentation in the point of sale
  • Optional extras, such as the top zip easy opening and closing system and pinch bottom
  • Possibility to use this model in traditional filling machines for open-mouth sacks with and without gussets