PetPack® Top Slider

The new PetPack® made by Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a. It's basically a Single Lip PetPack® with a completely new and absolutely user friendly reclosable system on the mouth called Top Slider.

This innovative system ensures that the content stay fresh for the longest period and, at the same time, preserves food nutritional properties and prevent unpleasant odour diffusion. This bag can be opened and reclosed as many times as desired by customers simply making run with two fingers the slider along the rites. Any kind of extra devices such as knife or tape or whatelse is needed.

Details make the difference: slider width 38 mm in order to make easy the sealing of the bag during the filling process and side clips to stop the slider run. We can also produce PetPack® Top Slider with bottom filling thanks to a special Top Slider suitable for this product.