New specialties

The steady attention aimed toward clients and final consumers has permitted to Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a.  the development of a special range of products and optional!

From September 2012 the range of optional offered by Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a. has improved thanks to two innovative systems of opening and closure, available in two different versions. Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a. has always been on the cutting edge and now can offer to its own customers a complete and versatile line of optionals which can be applied to PetPack® sacks: PetPack® Top Slider, PetPack® Hidden Top Slider, PetPack® Front Slider, PetPack® Hidden Front Slider.

Thanks to these optionals, able to maintain unchanged the design of the sack making it more attractive and easy to be used, the final customer will be able to use a high added value packaging. 4 simple and intuitive opening and closure systems will guarantee a perfect and total emptying of the content.  The system will be applied at the mouth of the PetPack® Top Slider or on the front of the PetPack® Top Slider, a better life of the content, as well as a better containment of the odors of the product are some of the major advantages offered by this new line.

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