Bobine di monofoglio o accoppiato

Rolls of monolayer or laminated film

"Tailor made" composition based on customer requests, with up to four-layers of solventless laminates. Polyethylene film, monolayer or Coex with barrier based on customer needs. Micro-perforation systems. Standard and friction Polyester, Metallized Polyester, Polyamide, Aluminium, Polypropylene. Possibility of print with "DUO" effect, matt-glossy.

Up to 9 UV or solvent-based colours
Flexo HD up to 70 lines cm2 and shades down to 1%

Rolls of monolayer film
Rolls of laminated film


Sheet width: up to max 125 cm
Print pitch: up to max 124 cm

"Tailor made" composition based on customer requests, with up to four-layer solventless laminates

Features and optionals
Polyethylene film, monolayer or Coex, "designed to measure" based on customer needs.
Laminated films with different types of barrier, aluminium-coated and metallized
Micro-perforation systems.

Raw materials

Raw materials in compliance with all European current regulations for food contact packaging.
LDPE – LLDPE low density polyethylene, sheet and tubing
COEX special co-extruded film with up to 5 layers
PET Standard and anti-slip polyester
PEM Metallized polyester
OPA Biaxially-oriented polyamide (inside layer between two layers of polyethylene)
ALU Aluminium (inside layer between two layers of polyethylene)
PPC polyethylene cast
PPB Biaxially-oriented polypropylene
PPM Biaxially-oriented Matt polypropylene

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