Sacchi a bocca aperta e pinch bottom

Open-mouth and pinch bottom sacks

End stepped flap at the bottom and at the mouth "tailor made" for each customer to ensure maximum seal when bagging fine powder. Hot melt pre-applied at the mouth, which can be reused by customers for sealing the sack.

Up to 11 water-based colours with standard painting or UV lacquering
Anti-slip treatments over the printing

Sacks with polyethylene film in contact with the product
Sacks with polyethylene film inserted between the layers of paper
Sacks with aluminium in contact with the product
Sacks with hot melt applied at the mouth


Width: from 20 to 55 cm
Length: from 50 to 125cm
Gusset width: from 8 to 20 cm

"Tailor made" composition based on customer specifications
From 1 to 4 layers of paper or plastic, including laminates
Special materials in contact with the product: aluminium-coated paper, Coex, LDPE, HDPE.

Features and optionals
Cut with flap (end stepped)
Diagonally sealed or diagonally pasted on bottom corners
Bottom sealing (when there is plastic on the inside)
Sealing by longitudinal extrusion of PE (when there is plastic on the inside)
Easy open at the bottom
Longitudinal easy open

Raw materials

Raw materials in compliance with all European current regulations for food contact packaging.
All the best types of Scandinavian paper, white, brown, standard, semi-extensible, high porosity, high performance, anti-slip, glazed, machine glazed, single-coated, single-coated greaseproof
Aluminium-coated paper (paper + PE + AL + PE)
Sandwich paper (paper + PE + paper)
Polythene-coated paper (paper + PE)
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), tubing or internal layer
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), tubing or internal layer
Special Coex with up to 5 layers
Standard or anti-slip PET polyester


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