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Team UP
University of Packaging


Our interdisciplinary and multi-functional Team focuses on 4 main activities:

  • Test on materials and selection of new suppliers
  • Research and Development of innovative materials and products
  • On site technical customer service
  • Technical training

It is now at your disposal to help you with the development of your sustainable packaging!


  • 1 Leader
  • 2 Assistants with technical/quality and sales knowledge
  • 1 Customer support through technical visits
  • Some selected employees from different departements: our Packaging Experts


  • A quicker and more accurate selection of the new materials and suppliers.
  • More opportunities of suppliers.
  • Cost-saving potential and better quality.
  • Research and Development of new products and/or improvement of existing paper or flexible packaging for the different markets.
  • More appealing products for new clients.
  • Higher visibility on the  market.
  • Higher focus on market trends (for example green packaging).
  • A stronger and improved company reputation.
  • A centralized and more effective technical customer service with post-audit feedback.
  • Increase of the technical know-how.
  • Opportunity to manage on request the training for other employees, external sales partners  or customers.
  • Opportunity to introduce on the market at least 3 innovations per year.

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